The Site Council consists of clinical research sites and site networks dedicated to the professional conduct of clinical research studies and advancement of the clinical research enterprise. We have drafted the Site Council Bill of Rights to clarify site priorities for sponsors and CROs. Sites must earn these rights by conducting clinical studies in a safe, ethical, efficient, high-quality, and timely manner. We believe that the clinical research enterprise can succeed only when study sponsors and CROs have healthy relationships with healthy sites.

The Site Council Bill of Rights consists of six fundamental rights (supported by 24 examples):
- The Right to Essential Information
- The Right to Professional Autonomy
- The Right to Fair & Timely Compensation
- The Right to Proficient Governance
- The Right to Patient Centricity
- The Right to a Collaborative Relationship
To view the Site Council Bill of Rights, click here. To view the Commentary, click here.

The Site Council already has over 700 members, including 23 important site networks and 16 prominent AMCs and health systems. To view the Executive Committee, click here. We are also starting to get traction with sponsors and CROs, who can join as Supporters.

We invite clinical research sites and site networks to join the Site Council. There are no membership dues. The only member time commitment -- which is modest -- will be talking about the Site Council Bill of Rights with sponsors and CROs. To join the Site Council, click hereStudy sponsors, CROs and other organizations can also join as supporters by clicking here.

The Site Council is a non-profit, collaborative organization dedicated to advancing the practice of clinical research.