Site Council Supporters include study sponsors and CROs that support the Site Council Dream and are working to implement it within their organizations.

By supporting the Site Council Dream, Supporters demonstrate they are a sponsor or CRO of choice and:
- Can secure excellent sites for your studies.
- Demonstrate to sites the high priority you place on building healthy relationships with healthy sites.
- Encourage sites to do especially good work on your studies in order to earn their rights.
- Have a voice in shaping the document.
- Can use the document to guide your efforts to work better with sites.
- Can use the document to communicate site priorities to others in your organization.
Supporters pay no fees. All we ask is that, over time, your organization works constructively to implement the Site Council Dream.
When study sponsors work with CROs, one or both parties may not have control over many items in the Site Dream. Supporting the Site Council Dream does not mean you have implemented or will soon implement everything on the list, just that you are working constructively to implement them over time to the extent you can. Either party can ask the other party to join it in supporting the Site Council Dream on this basis.
Accuracy Research is a leading CRO in Latin America, dedicated to accurate and reliable results.
ClinChoice, a full-service global CRO, operates in 30+ therapeutic areas with flexibility and fast timelines.

ICON, a leading global CRO, provides innovative clinical development and commercialization services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device organizations.
Eagle Pharmaceuticals is expanding its portfolio of safe and effective treatments for critical care and oncology patients.
Farmacon Global is a strategic CRO focused on diversity in emerging markets, such as Latin America, through our on-the-ground medical associates, alliances and global partnerships.
RAY-CRO is a full-service CRO covering the Middle East and Africa.
Vantage BioTrials, a privately-held CRO, provides Phase I-IV clinical trial management services to international pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies.
Stay tuned for more supporters...